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The Jackson family has been involved in breeding stud sheep for the past 30 years. 

With the resilient and reliable Australian White Sheep breed becoming more popular in rural Australia, we got ahead of the game early with some of the best genetics on the market. 

Our passion is in creating the best and most successful genetic combinations, to breed sheep that have the best body  shape, feet colour and natural shedding ability.


Australian Whites

The breed of Australian White sheep was first launched in 2011. The intention was to produce a pure breed that ideally thrives in the tough Australian rural conditions. The four breeds of sheep that contributed to the pure breed of the Australian Whites are Poll Dorset, Texel, White Dorper and Van Rooy.

We were attracted to the breed because they are a hardy, self replacing sheep that require little maintenance. Their full hair pattern means that they shed seasonally, resulting in no sheering or fly issues.


The Australian White breed is of medium to large build and are well known for their adaptability to the hot and cold extremes of the Australian environment. They are a well muscled sheep, with a good amount of leg which performs strongly in the Australian meat production market. 


One of the great attributes of the Australian Whites is their remarkable fertility. They are very early maturing which allows them to be joined at a young age, with the potential to lamb every 6 to 8 months. The prevalence of twins and triplets leads to very high lambing percentages. 

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